Plastiras Lake

Lake Plastira was built by human intervention and not a natural lake. It was created to support the plain of Karditsa with water during the summer months. Today the dam of the lake provides water to the whole region of Thessaly.

The program was a vision of the politician Nikolaos Plastiras, a native of the Omorfovouni area and where the lake finally takes its name. General Nikolaos Plastiras inspired this ambitious program in 1925.

Most areas of Lake Plastira are one of the vast natural beauty where visitors will find all the natural elements where nature itself shapes the landscape with many color variations.

Lake Plastira is 340 km away from Athens and 230 km from Thessaloniki. Driving through the city of Karditsa you will follow the signs, and passing by the hospital and crossing a 25km route through villages you will meet the first villages of the lake. The unique spectacle will reward every visitor.

The length of the lake is 14km with a maximum width of 4km, the maximum depth is 60 meters while the altitude starts from 1000 meters.